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“Art can permeate the very deepest
part of us, where no words exist.”

Eileen Miller - The Girl Who Spoke with Pictures

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Expressive Art Therapy

Individual sessions with Sarah Winter

Expressive Art Therapy is a powerful alternative to traditional 'talk therapies'.


Sarah believes that creative expression can have a profound affect on well being. She facilitates opportunities for creative processes to help us access parts of our self that cannot be expressed with words, allowing us to develop deeper self awareness and shift habitual patterns. The processes are not focused on ‘art making’ or being 'an artist'. They involve expressing and representing feelings with a variety of forms including: drawing; painting; collage; movement; enactment; photography; sculpture; craft; the possibilities are limitless! 

Sarah is passionate about anchoring the insights developed during each session, with practical and creative strategies, to establish new and preferred ways of being. She believes that by making the invisible visible, we can identify patterns of behaviour and thinking, and formulate steps to instigate positive change. 


The majority of Sarah's clients are neurodivergent (ASD, ADHD), and she loves finding ways to support people who have unique ways of being in the world, to discover practical, simple, and (very often) visual tools to create more ease in their life.

When working with neurodivergent clients her focus is to use creative practices to build skills for emotional regulation, along with education about the nervous system and states of regulation and dysregulation. Together, Sarah and her clients investigate the ways in which stress/anxiety can affect each person's ability to communicate, self regulate, and think clearly. Sarah also has a special interest in supporting clients to improve capacity with executive function challenges.

Sarah works from a strengths-based and trauma informed model, and has a special interest in: anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD, neuro-diversity and parent/carer support.

Locations: Wandin North & Warburton

Bookings: email 
(email Sarah 
to arrange an obligation-free ph call)

NDIS: rebates available for Self-Managed & Plan-Managed clients


MA. AThR - Masters Therapeutic Arts Practice, The MIECAT Institute

G.Dip. AThR - Grad Dip. Therapeutic Arts Practice, The MIECAT Institute
‘Therapy In Motion' Practitioner - Open Floor International

Open Floor Movement Teacher - Open Floor International

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